PTO Replacements for Domestic and Metric Systems

A power take-off, or PTO, is a kind of drive shaft that draws energy from the engine and powers an application on the other end. This set-up is typically found on tractors or commercial vehicles. Moog's premium PTO replacements are:

  • Innovative - Designed by the same Moog Automotive Part Engineers
  • Durable - Specifically built for the rough and tough life of agricultural and heavy-duty applications
  • Safer - Built with forged and hardened materials for strength and durability
  • Easier - Designed for the aftermarket service environment

In order to get a replacement, you'll have to know what style and series PTO your application has. If you already know it, Great! Use the list below to see all of the power take-off parts for your setup. If you don't know your style and/or series you can do the following:

  1. Find your Tube Shape
  2. Measure your U-Joint
  3. Measure your End Yoke

Or if you just want to find a universal fit without determining your style/series, check out our PTO Universal Pages.

Moog Power Take-Off Parts

How do I identify my style?

So how exactly do you tell if you have a Domestic or Metric Style Driveline? The easiest way is to look at your tubing. (See the chart for help)

Domestic models typically come in one of the following:

  • Circle
  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Hexagonal

Metric models typically come in one of the following:

  • Star (German)
  • Lemon (German)
  • Tri-Point (Italian)
Moog Power Take-Off Parts

How to identify... Part II

Now that you know your style, the next step is to identify your series. To do that, you'll just need two simple measurements from the OE u-joint: the Bearing Diameter and the Overall Length (see pic for details)

Once you have your measurements, match your measurements on the charts below. Choose your style, check the chart, match your measurements, and voilĂ !

Moog Power Take Off Identify a Series

Domestic Styles - Standard Series

Bearing Diameter Overall Length Series
0.969" 1.444" 6
1.063" 2.50" 12
1.125" 2.625 14
1.250" 3.21" 35
1.310" 2.795" 44
1.531" 4.31" 55
0.938" 1.5" 1000
1.063" 3.22" 1280
1.375" 4.18" 1480
0.58" 2.57" W - Pin & Block

Italian Styles - Bondioli & Pavesi Series

Bearing Diameter Overall Length Series
22.0mm 54.0mm BP1
23.8mm 61.3mm BP2
27.0mm 70.0mm BP3
27.0mm 74.6mm BP4
30.2mm 80.0mm BP5
30.2mm 92.0mm BP6
34.9mm 94.0mm BP7
34.9mm 106.5mm BP8
41.0mm 108.0mm BP9

German Styles - Waltersheid Series

Bearing Diameter Overall Length Series
22mm 55mm W2100
23.8mm 61mm W2200
27mm 70mm W1
27mm 74.6mm W2300
32mm 76mm W2400
30.2mm 92mm W220
36mm 88.8mm W2500
42mm 104mm W2600

How to Identify... Part III (the other way)

Don't have your u-joint? Or are you the type of person that likes to choose the road less traveled? If you have a Domestic style (use the chart above), another way to identify what series you need is to measure the ear hole diameter of your end yoke.

Moog Power Take-Off Parts

Find Series by Ear Hole Diameter

Diameter Series
9/16" W2100
15/16" 1500
31/32" 1900
(1-13/16" between Yoke ears)
(2-7/16" between Yoke ears)
1-1/8" 1300
1-1/4" 1800
1-5/16" 1400
1-3/8" 2600
1-17/32" 1100

Universal PTO Pages

Of course you don't have to find your series if you just want to find it by measurement! If you have the measurements of the PTO part that you need, check out our database:

Moog Power Take-Off Parts