PTO Replacements for the Italian BP1 Series

OEM Rated Capacity of 16HP @ 540 RPM and 25HP @ 1000RPM

A power take-off, or PTO, is a kind of drive shaft that draws energy from the engine and powers an application on the other end. This set-up is typically found on tractors or commercial vehicles. Moog's premium PTO replacements are:

  • Innovative - Designed by the same Moog Automotive Part Engineers
  • Durable - Specifically built for the rough and tough life of agricultural and heavy-duty applications
  • Safer - Built with forged and hardened materials for strength and durability
  • Easier - Designed for the aftermarket service environment

The part numbers below work for the Italian style Bondioli & Pavesi 1 Series with an OEM Rated Capacity of 16HP @ 540 RPM and 25HP @ 1000RPM.

Moog Power Take-Off Parts

Cross and Bearing Kit

Image A B C Part Number
MOOG-1395 2.12" (54mm) 0.876" (22mm) 2.50" (63.5mm) 811
End Yoke Measure 1

Quick Disconnect Yoke

Pin Type

Image Bore Spline Part Number
MOOG-1000 1-3/8" 6 1000

End Yokes

Round Bore with Keyway & Set Screw

Image Bore Keyway Part Number
MOOG-1395 1" 1/4" 1020
MOOG-1395 1-1/4" 1/4" 1021

Drive Shaft Components

Part Type Image Measurements Part Number
Inner Tube Yoke MOOG-1395 Bore - 1.06" 1041
Outer Tube Yoke MOOG-1395 Bore - 1.30" 1051
Inner Profile Tube MOOG-1395 1.05" x 59" 1061
Outer Profile Tube MOOG-1395 1.29" x 59" 1071
Roll Pin MOOG-1395 0.34" x 2.0" 1081
Plastic Safety Shield
(bearing not included)
MOOG-2071 - 2071
Bearing Kit MOOG-1395 - 2080