Honda Element Ball Joint Replacement Problems

01-11 honda element ball joint replacement

The original ball joints in your ’01-’11 Honda Element can be removed from the knuckle if they wear down and become loose, but Honda doesn’t offer an OE replacement ball joint separate from a new knuckle. If you don’t like the idea of replacing several parts that are all in working order just to fix a loose ball joint then you’ll need an aftermarket ball joint, but which one should you choose? […]

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Jeep JK OE Ball Joint Problems

jeep jk oe ball joint problems

OE (Original Equipment) front lower ball joints on Jeep JKs from 2007-2018, are often known to fail prematurely due to design flaws that usually shorten their lifespan, making a replacement practically inevitable. So, what’s wrong with the OE ball joint and what should you look for in a replacement? […]

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