Moog Universal Sway Bar End Links

Here you will find the specifications and dimensions for all of the Moog's sway bar end links in our database. We have provided the dimensions of each sway bar end link and it's material in the table below. Moog uses three materials for their links:

In order to match the appropriate end link you will need to measure the distance between the end link mounting points on the vehicle. Typically the sway bar link is mounted at the sway bar and at the control arm, but it could vary from vehicle to vehicle. For help on measuring the mounting points you can watch the video on the right, or look for more help down below in the "How-to Measure" section.

how to measure for end links video thumbnail
Moog Universal Coil Springs Squared
Image Part Number Distance between Mounting Points Bushing Material
moog-k700633 endlink picturemoog-k70063310 InchThermoplastic
moog-k90122 endlink picturemoog-k901222 InchRubber
moog-k700526 endlink picturemoog-k7005262-1/2 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700525 endlink picturemoog-k7005252-1/4 InchPolyurethane
moog-k90390 endlink picturemoog-k903902-1/4 InchRubber
moog-k90389 endlink picturemoog-k903892-3/4 InchRubber
moog-k90247 endlink picturemoog-k902472-3/4 InchRubber
moog-k7305 endlink picturemoog-k73052-3/4 InchRubber
moog-k700527 endlink picturemoog-k7005272-3/4 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700528 endlink picturemoog-k7005283-1/2 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700529 endlink picturemoog-k7005293-1/2 InchPolyurethane
moog-k90250 endlink picturemoog-k902503-1/2 InchRubber
moog-k700531 endlink picturemoog-k7005314 InchPolyurethane
moog-k5252 endlink picturemoog-k52524-1/2 InchRubber
moog-k700534 endlink picturemoog-k7005344-1/2 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700532 endlink picturemoog-k7005324-1/4 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700535 endlink picturemoog-k7005354-3/4 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700536 endlink picturemoog-k7005365 InchPolyurethane
moog-k8266 endlink picturemoog-k82665 InchRubber
moog-k5254 endlink picturemoog-k52545-1/2 InchRubber
moog-k700538 endlink picturemoog-k7005385-1/4 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700537 endlink picturemoog-k7005375-3/4 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700540 endlink picturemoog-k7005406 InchPolyurethane
moog-k80898 endlink picturemoog-k808986-1/2 InchRubber
moog-k700539 endlink picturemoog-k7005396-1/2 InchPolyurethane
moog-k700542 endlink picturemoog-k7005427-1/2 InchRubber
moog-k700055 endlink picturemoog-k7000558-1/2 InchRubber

Types of End Links


Serving as the OE replacement and the most economical version, Moog's rubber end links will act as a direct replacement for the stock end links on your vehicle. The rubber end links are easy to assemble and provide cushion to absorb vibration and noise from the sway bar to the control arm. This is an OE replacement part not a performance part. When installing, the suspension may have to be compressed to complete installation.

Moog Universal End Links Rubber

Moog Universal End Links Thermoplastic


The next step up in performance and durability is Moog's Thermoplastic end links. These end links are made of thermoplastic and provide additional handling benefits over the traditional rubber. The thermoplastic end links are very durable and will last longer than OE rubber end links. Tougher and a little harder, thermoplastic end links are resistant to oils, salt, ozone, weather and can absorb substantial loads. During installation, the suspension may have to be compressed to complete the install.


Moog's polyurethane end links have very little give and thus give the best overall performance boost. A grade 8 bolt is used for strength and has an anodized finish for corrosion resistance. Each bushing is designed with a lip, allowing the washers to be centered during installation to ensure a proper and maintained alignment. Moog's polyurethane material is resistant to oil, heat and the ozone. These end links also solve a very common installation problem that most end links have. Featuring 1-inch barrel nut and washer, the need to compress the suspension to start a thread is eliminated. The barrel nut will reach down into the bushing to grab the bolt thread.

Moog Universal End Links Polyurethane

How-to Measure

How To Measure Universal End Links

To measure the distance bewteen the end link mounting points, you will need a tape measure. First, locate the two sway bar link mounting points. You should find one mounting point at the end of the sway bar, and the other at the lower control arm. Some vehicles may be different, but the majority have this set up. Regardless, you'll need to measure the distance between the two mounting points of your sway bar end link to get the appropriate measurement to select a universal.

If your end link is broken or off the vehicle, you can still measure the distance between the mounting points. However you will need to set your vehicle level, making sure the sway bar and the control arm are resting at their normal state. This will ensure you measure the appropriate distance. If you have your car on a jack without an endlink, your sway bar and/or control arm could move slightly which would skew your measurements. If you need any extra help measure, contact our DST Customer Service team and they will gladly help you.