Moog Front Coil Springs and Struts

All the Front Coil Springs and Struts that Moog makes can be found below. To find the Front Coil Springs and Struts that fit your specific vehicle, select your vehicle from the dropdown list.

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The Complete Strut Assemblies feature a superior design and construction over the OE design.

Moog Complete Strut Assemblies

Total Undercar Solution

Moog continues to create total undercar solutions with the Moog Problem Solver line of Steering and Suspension parts available directly through us at DST. The Complete Strut Assemblies feature a superior design and construction over the OE design. Highlighting the assembly is the Triple Piston Rod Seal. The outer wiper seal cleans the piston rod, preventing any harmful road contaminants from infiltrating the strut and damaging the main seal. The main seal is a one piece molded design that features twin seal lips, optimizing steering performance and enhancing durability. Finally, we have the inner PTFE buffer seal. This inner seal absorbs high pressure fluid spikes that are caused by rough road impacts, improving the efficiency of and increasing the life of the main seal.

Moog Complete Strut AssembliesMoog Complete Strut Assemblies

Addition Problem Solving Features

Moog's front coil and strut assemblies include:

  • Spring Top Plate - tested to one million cycles under extreme load
  • Moog Jounce Bouncer - molded from micro-cellular polyurethane
  • Spring - premium coating for optimal corrosion resistance
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged - results in optimal control and ride
  • Piston Rod - improved durability and function
  • Piston Band - gives a smoother, quieter ride
  • Hydraulic Oil - provides consistent performance in all conditions
  • Valving - precision valving providing the best driving performance
  • Bracket Attachments - reinforced for even more durability
  • 3 year warranty - handled direct through our customer service team at DST

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