ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit | Front End Steering Rebuild Kit | 2013 Ram 2500 4WD

  • ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit Front End Steering Rebuild Package Kit

Front End Steering Rebuild Package Kit

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit

Price: $712.51

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  • ES800375 Qty 1
  • ES801213 Qty 1
  • ES3422S Qty 1
  • K440032 Qty 1 (Optional)
  • DS300072 Qty 1
  • ES800558 Qty 1
  • ES3426S Qty 1
  • K7467 Qty 2
  • K7460 Qty 2
Suggested part for ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit: grease-gun-combo
grease-gun-combo Grease Gun and Multi-Purpose Grease - Fits Moog Zerk Fittings
This kit comes with everything you'll need to grease your vehicle.

Suggested part for ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit: 10301
10301 Xtra Heavy Duty Grease - Tube for Standard Grease Gun - No longer available
Extra Heavy Duty Grease

Suggested part for ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit: 10-212
10-212 Flex Hose for Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Flex Hose for grease gun.

  • Moog fulfills their warranty through their individual dealers. That means that in order to receive warranty support, you will have to refer back to the original dealer you purchased the part from. Be sure to check the dealer's warranty support before you buy the part to make sure that they will properly support the warranty. If a dealer will only refer you back to the manufacturer in order to receive warranty support, then you may not actually have any warranty at all.


    Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty.

    Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase.

    If a Moog part should fail due to materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.

FitmentFront End Steering Rebuild Package Kit ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit fits these vehicles:

ram-3500-4wd-2013-moog-front-end-rebuild-kit | Front End Steering Rebuild Kit | 2013 Ram 2500 4WD

Front End Steering Rebuild Package Kit
A Package Deal that includes all the main steering parts for your
Ram 3500 4WD 2013
Made by Moog

  • Front Lower Ball Joint - Qty 2
  • Front Upper Ball Joing - Qty 2
  • Tie Rod End at Pitman Arm - Qty 1
  • Right Outer Tie Rod End - Qty 1
  • Tie Rod End Adjusting Sleeve - Qty 1
  • Steering Drag Link - Qty 2
  • Steering Drag Link Adjusting Sleeve - Qty 1
  • Pitman Arm (Optional) - Qty 1
  • Steering Drag Link - At Pitman Arm moog-ds300072
  • Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve - Driver Side - (Steering Arm to Steering Arm) moog-es3422s
  • Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve - Passenger Side - Pitman Arm to Connecting Tie Rod - 2nd Design moog-es3426s
  • Front Driver Side Drag Link - To Pitman Arm - 2nd design moog-es800375
  • Front Right Drag Link (at Connecting Rod) - 2nd Design moog-es800558
  • Front Outer Tie Rod End - Passenger Side moog-es801213
  • Front Upper Ball Joint moog-k7460
  • Front Lower Ball Joint moog-k7467

Moog Front End Steering Rebuild Kit

Front end steering parts are vital to your suspension. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find the correct parts for your vehicle with all the different components. Tie Rods and Ball joints, all those part numbers can run together after a while.

Moog Front End Steering Rebuild Kit
Moog Front End Steering Rebuild Kit Box

No more Digging

No more digging thru website after website, or digging thru the MOOG catalog. At DST, we've done the research and work for you. We put all of the steering components that Moog makes for your vehicle together in this Moog Package Deal. Covered by a lifetime warranty, these Moog parts will restore your vehicle's steering to like it was when you first drove off the lot.

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