moog-k8685 | Front Lower Ball Joint | Lincoln Town Car | MOOG-K8685

  • moog-k8685 360image 1
  • moog-k8685 Front Lower Ball Joint
  • moog-k8685 Front Lower Ball Joint
  • moog-k8685 Front Lower Ball Joint
  • moog-k8685 Front Lower Ball Joint
  • moog-k8685 Front Lower Ball Joint
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Front Lower Ball Joint

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: moog-k8685
Price: $41.12

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MOOG parts come greased from the factory, but should also be greased at the time of installation. After installation, MOOG recommends greasing these parts at each oil change for the best service life.

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  • Moog fulfills their warranty through their individual dealers. That means that in order to receive warranty support, you will have to refer back to the original dealer you purchased the part from. Be sure to check the dealer's warranty support before you buy the part to make sure that they will properly support the warranty. If a dealer will only refer you back to the manufacturer in order to receive warranty support, then you may not actually have any warranty at all.


    Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty.

    Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase.

    If a Moog part should fail due to materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.

FitmentFront Lower Ball Joint moog-k8685 fits these vehicles:

moog-k8685 | Front Lower Ball Joint | Lincoln Town Car | MOOG-K8685

Fits Left or Right Side

A high quality ball joint for the high demands of these vehicles.

Moog Problem Solver K8685

Fleet Vehicle having a rough ride?

Whether you're a driver of police or taxi vehicle, or the everyday driver, when you start to experience shimmying in your front end, extra play in your steering wheel, or uneven tire wear you know it's not good. Here at DST we understand your need to get your ride back on the road as quickly as possible and we're here to help. Moog's part number K8685 is designed for the high demands of the fleet vehicles as well as the daily driver's.


Flaw in the OE Design

The OE design of these ball joints didn't account for the high demands of the fleet vehicles or the demands of daily drivers. Since they didn't account for the demands of these vehicles you often experience premature wear of your ball joint. When this happens the ball joints can actually separate from the housing and cause excessive radial deflection or in other words the side to side movement of the joint in the housing. Once this starts to happen your ball joint can break and that can lead to even more problems and costly repairs.

Moog's Solution

The housing of Moog's ball joint K8685 is made using an advanced metallurgical process, which gives it the superior strength to the OE design. This is what eliminates the excessive lateral deflection in the joint housing. These features were designed with the fleet environment in mind providing a more durable and superior ball joint to the OE design, which also greatly improves the daily driver's vehicle as well.


High Quality Ball Joint

Moog's ball joint K8685 also has a powder metal gusher bearing that, when greased, disperses the grease evenly along the bearing's surface. This makes for a high-quality ball joint for the high demands of these vehicles. Moog part number K8685 also comes with a lifetime warranty that our customer service team here at DST can handle for you should you ever need to replace it. The lifetime warranty helps you buy with the confidence that you'll never have to pay for this part again.

MOOG moog-k8685

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question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

MOOG-K8685 - Front lower ball joint 95 Ford Crown Victoria do these ball joints have a grease fitting, and what is the warranty?
MOOG-K8685 - Front lower ball joints are greaseable and do come with a zerk fitting for greasing. The ball joint warranty is a limited lifetime warranty, meaning as long as the ball joint is maintained ie: being greased as instructed warranty will be e honored from the place of purchase. This warranty can only be provided if the part was purchased from out site. Many other dealers do have a different warranty for the moog parts they offer. ...see more