moog-k201617 | 26.9mm Front Sway Bar Bushings | 06-15 Dodge Charger

  • moog-k201617 360image 1
  • moog-k201617 Front Sway Bar Bushings - 1.06in
  • moog-k201617 Front Sway Bar Bushings - 1.06in
  • moog-k201617 Front Sway Bar Bushings - 1.06in
  • moog-k201617 Front Sway Bar Bushings - 1.06in
  • moog-k201617 Front Sway Bar Bushings - 1.06in
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Front Sway Bar Bushings - 1.06in

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: moog-k201617
Price: $14.21

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  • Moog fulfills their warranty through their individual dealers. That means that in order to receive warranty support, you will have to refer back to the original dealer you purchased the part from. Be sure to check the dealer's warranty support before you buy the part to make sure that they will properly support the warranty. If a dealer will only refer you back to the manufacturer in order to receive warranty support, then you may not actually have any warranty at all.


    Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty.

    Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase.

    If a Moog part should fail due to materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.

FitmentFront Sway Bar Bushings - 1.06in moog-k201617 fits these vehicles:

moog-k201617 | 26.9mm Front Sway Bar Bushings | 06-15 Dodge Charger

26.92mm Front Sway Bar Bushings with Synthetic Fabric Lining 08-15 Dodge Challenger | 06-15 Charger | 05-08 Magnum

These 26.92mm (1.06in) Front Sway Bar Bushings fit the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Magnum and provide greater durability plus an easy DIY replacement option. The synthetic lined inner diameter of these front sway bar bushings will last longer than the original equipment (OE) sway bar bushings. This eliminates the squeaking that comes with age and wear, provides a stable grip on your sway bar, and improves handling in a turn.

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Worn Bushing

Worn Front Sway Bar Bushings

The front sway bar connects the driver and passenger sides of your Dodge and keeps the wheels connected to the pavement during a quick turn. When the OE bushings wear down the sway bar isn't held securely and it's effectiveness is reduced. The rubber that makes up most OE bushings has a short lifespan compared to the rest of your Dodge, especially if you occasionally like to carve the corners of an empty backroad like those around headquarters in Stephenville, TX.

Durable and Silent

When the front sway bar bushings wear down, your sway bar can move around in the excess space of the hollowed out bushings, increasing body roll and costing you traction during a sharp, quick turn. Old or worn OE bushings can squeak when making a turn, which might make circling the block looking for parking in Downtown Dallas an embarrassing situation. If you're already experiencing some traction loss in a turn and squeaking, or you want to preemptively fix those problems, then Moog has a great solution with their 26.92mm front sway bar bushings with synthetic fabric lining.

Easy Install
synthetic fabric lining

Easy Bushing Upgrade

The new synthetic fabric lining creates a tough barrier between the sway bar and the sway bar bushings, reducing the wear that the friction of turning causes. This allows these front sway bar bushings to last 3 times longer than the OE bushings, increasing the time between necessary replacements. More durability means these bushings hold the sway bar securely, giving you better turning performance and less body roll.

Moog's Problem Solver sway bar bushings are also split along the side for an easy install that can be completed in your own garage or driveway with a simple socket set. Merely remove the bracket and OE bushing and slip the new sway bar bushing over the bar and bolt the bracket back down. will handle any warranty issues you might come across in-house so our number is the only one you'll ever need to call.

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

On part k201617 does the slit on the bushing goes towards the front or the rear?
Part Number moog-k201617 the slit can face either the front or the back.