Moog Pitman Arms

All the Pitman Arms that Moog makes can be found below. To find the Pitman Arms that fit your specific vehicle, select your vehicle from the dropdown list.

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Moog MOOG-K6086
Moog MOOG-K6130_Manual-Steering
Moog moog-k6131
Moog MOOG-K6131_Power-Steering
Moog MOOG-K6142
Moog MOOG-K6142_Manual-Steering
Moog MOOG-K6143
Moog MOOG-K6143_Power-Steering
Moog MOOG-K6220
Moog MOOG-K6255
Moog MOOG-K6335
Moog MOOG-K6339
Moog MOOG-K6528
Moog MOOG-K6536
Moog MOOG-K6536HD
Moog MOOG-K6653
Moog MOOG-K6654
Moog MOOG-K6654HD
Moog MOOG-K7075
Moog MOOG-K7076
Moog MOOG-K7076-Power-Steering
Moog MOOG-K7101
Moog MOOG-K7101-Power
Moog MOOG-K7238
Moog Moog-K80537
Moog MOOG-K80783
Moog MOOG-K80785
Moog Moog-K80794
Moog MOOG-K80796
Moog MOOG-K8145