A Dust Boot Designed to Last

Dust boots are vital for keeping grease inside a ball joint and dirt and debris out. The standard dust boot does a fine job but it sits high on the stud and can be damaged by the constant articulation of a long daily commute or rough terrain. When the dust boot is damaged the grease can leak out and you run the risk of the ball stud and bearing grinding each other down. Likewise dirt, moisture, or other debris can make their way into the joint through a torn dust boot and accelerate wear or cause corrosion.

moog dust boot for ball joints
moog integral dust boot

Improved Ball Joint Protection

Moog has developed a solution to this problem by introducing a low seated, integral dust boot. Besides being seated away from the dangers of tearing Moog's dust boot maintains a tight seal around the stud by way of a double fold in the boot which allows articulation without gapping around the stud. This means that even during extreme suspension movement your ball joints will be safe from water and contaminates making their way inside the joint.

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