ball joint grease rating

Rated for Ball Joints

Grease is basically oil and a lubricating agent, most often lithium soap. The other additives are what separate one grease from another, making a grease more resistant to water, heat, or seperation. Mystik Grease is manufactured in the USA and provides an excellent option for chassis, bearings, and articulating suspension parts like tie rod ends and ball joints.

The main thing to look for in ball joint grease is staying power. If you're driving a lot or in rough conditions your ball joints have a greater chance of becoming loose due to wear. You want grease that can handle pressure, friction, and the elements without giving up and leaving the inner workings of your ball joints unprotected. Mystic grease offers two different types of grease that are excellent for the high-mileage daily commuter or off-road and extreme conditions. We suggest either for use with moog ball joints.

Mystik JT6 Hi-Temp Multi-Grease

Mystik JT6 Hi-Temp Multi-Grease is a NLGI grade 2 lithium-complex chassis and bearing grease (GC-LB) designed for automotive use with a very tacky consistancy that clings to surfaces through rough conditions. With additives that make it resistant to water and the resulting corrosion, that can be a common problem for articulating suspension parts, this grease is well suited for ball joints on heavy duty or off-road vehicles. This grease is more than capable for high-milage daily drivers and will keep components such as ball joints and tie rod ends well lubricated for a long time, through extreme conditions.

mystick high temp multi grease