Front End Alignment Kit - Honda Civic - moog-k90474

  • moog-k90474 Front Axis Camber Alignment Bolt
  • moog-k90474 Front Axis Camber Alignment Bolt

Front Axis Camber Alignment Bolt

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: moog-k90474
Price: $24.49

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  • Moog fulfills their warranty through their individual dealers. That means that in order to receive warranty support, you will have to refer back to the original dealer you purchased the part from. Be sure to check the dealer's warranty support before you buy the part to make sure that they will properly support the warranty. If a dealer will only refer you back to the manufacturer in order to receive warranty support, then you may not actually have any warranty at all.


    Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty.

    Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase.

    If a Moog part should fail due to materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.

    Wearable RUBBER parts are not covered under warranty (Dust boots, bushings, bump stops, etc.)

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FitmentFront Axis Camber Alignment Bolt moog-k90474 fits these vehicles:

Front End Alignment Kit - Honda Civic - moog-k90474

  • Adjustable range from -1 3/4 to +1 3/4 degrees, 14mm bolt
  • 2 needed per vehicle

Moog Alignment Parts

Caster or Camber issues? Moog has got you covered with their line of alignment parts. Moog's engineers have designed this part to give you adjustability and flexibility with the alignment angles in your suspension. Whether caster, camber, or both, Moog's alignment parts will set your suspension up better than when you first drove the vehicle off the lot.

Fitment for moog-k90474
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
AcuraCSX2011-2006Front Quantity 2
AcuraEL2002-2001Front Quantity 2
AcuraRSX2002Front Quantity 2
AudiCabriolet1998-1994Front Quantity 2
BuickAllure2009-2005Front Quantity 2
BuickAllure2009-2005Rear Quantity 2
BuickCentury2005-1997Front Quantity 2
BuickCentury2005-1997Rear Quantity 2
BuickEncore2018-2013Front Quantity 2
BuickLaCrosse2009-2005Front Quantity 2
BuickLaCrosse2009-2005Rear Quantity 2
BuickRegal2004-1997Front Quantity 2
BuickRegal2004-1997Rear Quantity 2
BuickRendezvous2007-2002Front Quantity 2
BuickSkylark1998-1996Front Quantity 2
BuickTerraza2007-2005Front Quantity 2
CadillacAllante1992-1987Front Quantity 2
CadillacCatera1998-1997Front Quantity 2
ChevroletBeretta1996Front Quantity 2
ChevroletCaprice2017-2011Front Quantity 2
ChevroletCaptiva Sport2015-2012Front Quantity 2
ChevroletCavalier2005-1995Front Quantity 2
ChevroletCity Express2018-2015Front Quantity 2
ChevroletClassic2005-2004Front Quantity 2
ChevroletCorsica1996Front Quantity 2
ChevroletEquinox2018-2005Front Quantity 2
ChevroletImpala2013-2000Front Quantity 2
ChevroletImpala2013-2000Rear Quantity 2
ChevroletImpala Limited2016-2014Front Quantity 2
ChevroletImpala Limited2016-2014Rear Quantity 2
ChevroletLumina2001-1997Rear Quantity 2
ChevroletMalibu2012-2004Front Lower Strut Quantity 2
ChevroletMalibu2003-1997Front Quantity 2
ChevroletMonte Carlo2007-2000Front Quantity 2
ChevroletMonte Carlo2007-2000Rear Quantity 2
ChevroletPrizm2002-1998Front Quantity 2
ChevroletSonic2017-2012Front Quantity 2
ChevroletTrax2017-2015Front Quantity 2
ChevroletUplander2009-2005Front Quantity 2
ChevroletVenture2005-1997Front Quantity 2
Chrysler2002014-2011Front Quantity 2
ChryslerGrand Voyager2000Front Quantity 2
ChryslerNeon2002-2000Front Quantity 2
ChryslerPacifica2008-2004Front Quantity 2
ChryslerPT Cruiser2010-2001Front Quantity 2
ChryslerSebring2010-2007Front Quantity 2
ChryslerTC Maserati1991-1989Front Quantity 2
ChryslerTown & Country2016-1996Front Quantity 2
ChryslerVoyager2003-2000Front Quantity 2
DodgeAvenger2014-2008Front Quantity 2
DodgeCaliber2012-2007Front Quantity 2
DodgeCaravan2007-1996Front Quantity 2
DodgeGrand Caravan2017-1996Front Quantity 2
DodgeJourney2017-2009Front Quantity 2
DodgeNeon2005-1995Front Quantity 2
DodgeSprinter 25002009-2007Front Quantity 2
DodgeSprinter 35002009-2007Front Quantity 2
DodgeSX 2.02005-2003Front Quantity 2
FordAspire1997-1994Front Quantity 2
FordMustang2014-2005Front Quantity 2
FreightlinerSprinter 25002018-2007Front Quantity 2
FreightlinerSprinter 35002018-2007Front Quantity 2
GeoPrizm1997-1989Front Quantity 2
GMCTerrain2017-2010Front Quantity 2
HondaCivic2015-2012Front Quantity 2 1.5L L4 1497cc
HondaCivic2015-2012Front Quantity 2 1.8L L4 1799cc
HondaCivic2012-2001Front Quantity 2
HondaCR-Z2016-2011Front Quantity 2
HondaFit2017-2007Front Quantity 2
HondaInsight2014-2000Front Quantity 2
HyundaiElantra2017-2007Front Quantity 2
HyundaiElantra Coupe2014-2013Front Quantity 2
HyundaiElantra GT2017-2013Front Quantity 2
HyundaiGenesis Coupe2013-2010Front Quantity 2
HyundaiSanta Fe2018-2007Front Quantity 2
HyundaiSanta Fe XL2018-2013Front Quantity 2
HyundaiSonata2011-1989Front Quantity 2
HyundaiTiburon2008-2003Front Quantity 2
HyundaiTucson2014-2005Front Quantity 2
HyundaiTucson2014-2005Rear Quantity 2
HyundaiVeloster2014-2012Front Quantity 2
HyundaiVeracruz2011-2007FrontAWD Quantity 2
InfinitiFX352008-2004Front Quantity 2
InfinitiFX352003FrontAWD Quantity 2
InfinitiFX452008-2003Front Quantity 2
InfinitiI302001-1996Front Quantity 2
InfinitiI352004-2002Front Quantity 2
InfinitiQX42003-1997Front Quantity 2
IsuzuAscender2007-2005Front Quantity 2
IsuzuAscender2007-2005Rear Quantity 2
JeepCompass2017-2007Front Quantity 2
JeepPatriot2017-2007Front Quantity 2
KiaForte2017-2010Front Quantity 2
KiaForte Koup2016-2010Front Quantity 2
KiaForte52017-2012Front Quantity 2
KiaMagentis2010-2006Front Quantity 2
KiaOptima2012-2006Front Quantity 2
KiaRio2014-2012Front Quantity 2
KiaRondo2012-2007Front Quantity 2
KiaSedona2005-2002Front Quantity 2
KiaSorento2015-2011Front Quantity 2
KiaSoul2017-2010Front Quantity 2
KiaSoul EV2017-2015Front Quantity 2
KiaSportage2018-2005Front Quantity 2
KiaSportage2010-2005Rear Quantity 2
Land RoverFreelander2005-2002Front Quantity 2
MazdaCX-72012-2007Front Quantity 2
MazdaCX-92014-2007Front Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzC2302009-2008FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzC2402005-2003FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzC2502012-2010FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzC2802007-2006FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzC3002014-2008FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzC3202005-2003FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzC3502015-2006FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzE3502014-2010FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzE5502014-2010FrontAWD Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzE63 AMG2014Front Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzSprinter 25002017-2010Front Quantity 2
Mercedes-BenzSprinter 35002017-2010Front Quantity 2
MitsubishiLancer2017-2002Front Quantity 2
MitsubishiOutlander2017-2003Front Quantity 2
MitsubishiOutlander Sport2017-2011Front Quantity 2
NissanAltima2017-2002Front Quantity 2
NissanCube2014-2009Front Quantity 2
NissanJuke2017-2011Front Quantity 2
NissanLeaf2017-2011Front Quantity 2
NissanMaxima2014-1995Front Quantity 2
NissanMurano2017-2003Front Quantity 2
NissanNV2002013Front Quantity 2
NissanPathfinder2017-1996Front Quantity 2
NissanQuest2014-2004Front Quantity 2
NissanRogue2013-2008Front Quantity 2
NissanRogue Select2014Front Quantity 2
NissanSentra2014-2007Front Quantity 2
NissanStanza1988-1986Rear4WD Quantity 2
NissanVersa2017-2007Front Quantity 2
NissanVersa Note2017-2014Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileAchieva1998-1996Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileAlero2004-1999Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileCutlass1999-1997Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileIntrigue2002-1998Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileIntrigue2002-1998Rear Quantity 2
OldsmobileSilhouette2004-1997Front Quantity 2
PlymouthGrand Voyager2000-1996Front Quantity 2
PlymouthNeon2001-1995Front Quantity 2
PlymouthVoyager2000-1996Front Quantity 2
PontiacAztek2005-2001Front Quantity 2
PontiacG82009-2008Front Quantity 2
PontiacGrand Am2005-1996Front Quantity 2
PontiacGrand Prix2008-1997Front Quantity 2
PontiacGrand Prix2008-1997Rear Quantity 2
PontiacGTO2006-2004Front Quantity 2
PontiacMontana2009-1999Front Quantity 2
PontiacSunfire2005-1995Front Quantity 2
PontiacTorrent2009-2006Front Quantity 2
PontiacTrans Sport1999-1997Front Quantity 2
RamC/V2015-2012Front Quantity 2
Saab9-2X2006-2005Front Quantity 2
Saab9-2X2006-2005Rear Quantity 2
SaturnRelay2007-2005Front Quantity 2
SaturnSC1992-1991Front Quantity 2
SaturnSC1992-1991Rear Quantity 2
SaturnSC12002-1993Front Quantity 2
SaturnSC12002-1993Rear Quantity 2
SaturnSC22002-1993Front Quantity 2
SaturnSC22002-1993Rear Quantity 2
SaturnSL2002-1991Front Quantity 2
SaturnSL2002-1991Rear Quantity 2
SaturnSL12002-1991Front Quantity 2
SaturnSL12002-1991Rear Quantity 2
SaturnSL22002-1991Front Quantity 2
SaturnSL22002-1991Rear Quantity 2
SaturnSW11999-1993Front Quantity 2
SaturnSW11999-1993Rear Quantity 2
SaturnSW22001-1993Front Quantity 2
SaturnSW22001-1993Rear Quantity 2
SaturnVue2010-2002Front Quantity 2
SaturnVue2004-2002Rear Quantity 2
ScionFR-S2016-2013Front Quantity 2
ScionxA2006-2004Front Quantity 2
ScionxB2014-2004Front Quantity 2
SubaruB9 Tribeca2007-2006Front Quantity 2
SubaruBaja2006-2003Front Quantity 2
SubaruBRZ2017-2013Front Quantity 2
SubaruForester2017-1998Front Quantity 2
SubaruForester2008-1998Rear Quantity 2
SubaruImpreza2016-1993Front Quantity 2
SubaruImpreza2007-1993Rear Quantity 2
SubaruLegacy2017-1990Front Quantity 2
SubaruLegacy1999-1990Rear Quantity 2
SubaruOutback2017-2000Front Quantity 2
SubaruSVX1997-1992Front Quantity 2
SubaruSVX1997-1992Rear Quantity 2
SubaruTribeca2014-2008Front Quantity 2
SubaruWRX2017-2013Front Quantity 2
SubaruWRX STI2017-2013Front Quantity 2
SuzukiXL-72009-2007Front Quantity 2
VolkswagenRoutan2014-2009Front Quantity 2
Volvo8501997-1993Front Lower Strut Quantity 2
VolvoS602009-2001Front Quantity 2
VolvoS802010-1999Front Quantity 2
VolvoV702007-2001Front Quantity 2
VolvoXC702007-2003Front Quantity 2
VolvoXC902014-2003Front Quantity 2

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

Is part number k90474 for the top or bottom hole on the strut?
Part number k90474 is for the top hole on the strut.

How many bolts in this kit?
part number k90474 will come with one bolt, you will need two to cover the left and right sides of your vehicle

does the MOOG-K90474 kit come with two camber bolts?
That would come with a single bolt in that kit.

What is the difference between k5330 and k90474? Do they both fit the 2006 subaru baja?
Yes, both part numbers k5330 and k90474 will fit the 2006 subaru baja. Part number k5330 is a double offset and provides plus or minus 1 1/4 degrees and will increase camber adjustment range to plus or minus 2.5 degrees. Part number k90474 is a singl le offset provides plus or minus 1 3/4 degrees. ...see more

What is the difference between part K90474 and K5330?
It appears the kit you are looking for would be Moog K5330

What strength (grade) steel are these bolts made out of?
Part number moog-k90474 has a graded strength of 12.9.

Can I use this kit for the front and rear on my 1998 Saturn SC2?
No part number moog-k90474 is only for the front.

I see you have a camber kit for the front. Do you also have a caster alignment kit also?
I am sorry, but Moog does not have a caster kit for your Kia at this time.

Does the Alignment bolt K90474 come two in a kit?
No, the alignment bolt K90474 comes one in a kit.

I'm looking to buy a camber bolt kit for my front struts so I can get the alignment. My question is do I need to replace both bolts that hold the strut to the knuckle, or just one of the bolts per strut?
You would purchase one for each side. Traditionally only the upper bolt would have the adjusting bolt.

Can I use the moog-k90474 on the rear of my 01 Subaru Outback?
No, the moog-k90474 is only fitted for the front of your 01 Subaru Outback.