moog-k6535hd | Idler Arm | GMC Yukon XL 2500 2000-2012

  • moog-k6535hd 360image 1
  • moog-k6535hd Front Steering Idler Arm
  • moog-k6535hd Front Steering Idler Arm
  • moog-k6535hd Front Steering Idler Arm
  • moog-k6535hd Front Steering Idler Arm
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Front Steering Idler Arm

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: moog-k6535hd
Price: $119.78

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  • Moog fulfills their warranty through their individual dealers. That means that in order to receive warranty support, you will have to refer back to the original dealer you purchased the part from. Be sure to check the dealer's warranty support before you buy the part to make sure that they will properly support the warranty. If a dealer will only refer you back to the manufacturer in order to receive warranty support, then you may not actually have any warranty at all.


    Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty.

    Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase.

    If a Moog part should fail due to materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.

    Wearable RUBBER parts are not covered under warranty (Dust boots, bushings, bump stops, etc.)

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FitmentFront Steering Idler Arm moog-k6535hd fits these vehicles:

moog-k6535hd | Idler Arm | GMC Yukon XL 2500 2000-2012

Moog Idler Arms

Designed to connect your center link to the frame of your vehicle, an idler arm works to support your entire steering system. If you're having a hard time controlling your vehicle due to harsh vibrations or hazardous wobbling while driving, it's a good idea to check both your center link and your idler arm. Crafted to outperform OE replacements, Moog's idler arms are solid one-piece designs with all new hardware and grease fittings for serviceability. This durable design, coupled with the ability to flush out contaminants and re-grease the idler arm ensures that you'll not only restore your vehicle's performance, you'll also make it last much longer. Plus, Moog covers all of their idler arms with a lifetime warranty handled in-house here at DST.

Moog Box
Fitment for moog-k6535hd
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
ChevroletAvalanche 25002006-2002 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 1500 HD2006-2001 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 1500 HD Classic2007 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 25002004-1999 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD2010-2001 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD Classic2007 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 35002006-2001 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 3500 Classic2007 Quantity 1
ChevroletSilverado 3500 HD2010-2007 Quantity 1
ChevroletSuburban 25002012-2000 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 1500 HD2006-2001 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 1500 HD Classic2007 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 25002004-1999 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 2500 HD2010-2001 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 2500 HD Classic2007 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 35002006-2001 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 3500 Classic2007 Quantity 1
GMCSierra 3500 HD2010-2007 Quantity 1
GMCYukon XL 25002012-2000 Quantity 1
HummerH22009-2003 Quantity 1

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

I am looking to rebuild front suspension. How do i know if i need 3 or 4 spline Idler arm and Pitman arm please?
Not sure if a GM dealer will help you or not. Call a GM dealer and give them the VIN number. Ask if you have a 3 or 4 spline pitman arm. If they will not help remove the big nut and lock washer. With those items removed you will see if you have a 3 o or 4 groove pitman arm. ...see more

What comes in the kit K6535HD?
The Idler Arm, cotter pin, boot, zerk, castle nut, and another nut comes in the kit K6535HD

What is the difference between your problem solver idler arm and your problem solver HD idler arm? And do the they both have the same size stud and taper?
The tapered stud is the same size. moog-k6535hd has a better heat treating for the stud which makes it more durable that the moog-k6535.

I'm replacing the Idler arm. I just wanted to confirm that the felt ring goes on the Idler Arm Stud, between the Idler Arm & the Center Link?
Yes the felt washer goes over the tapered stud in between idler arm and center link.

How do I find out what pitman arm I need? I am wanting to replace the driver side and passenger side arms for the vehicle 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 hD 4wd lbz.
For the pitman arm you would need to know if you have a 3 or 4 groove output shaft on the steering gear. The easiest way to identify is to take the big 1 5/16 (I think) nut and lock washer off and to see if you have a 3 or 4 groove output shaft. Here e is a link to the pitman arms: Pitman arms. You see that their is a HD and OEM replacement arms. If you have a lift, bigger tires and wheels than stock I would go with the HD series. If your Chevy is not lifted and or bigger tires and wheels I would go with the OEM non HD versions. ...see more