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Mazda 323 1989 Suspension Parts

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Product ID: MOOG-RK640977
Manufacturer: MOOG
MOOG-RK640977 Rear Lateral Link
Fits Driver or Passenger Sides
Price: $32.09
Product ID: MOOG-K700525
Manufacturer: MOOG
MOOG-K700525 Front Sway Bar Link
Premium Sway Bar Link Kit
Price: $12.37
Product ID: MOOG-K90130
Manufacturer: MOOG
MOOG-K90130 Front Sway Bar End Link
Includes One Complete Link - Heavy Duty design
Price: $9.31
Product ID: MOOG-K9224
Manufacturer: MOOG
MOOG-K9224 Front Sway Bar End Link
Includes One Complete Link
Upgrade to Thermoplastic: (Learn More)
Price: $10.37
Product ID: MOOG-K100083
Manufacturer: MOOG
MOOG-K100083 Front Lower Camber Wedge Kit
Includes 2 wedges, 2 bolts and 2 nuts. Toyota Corolla - FWD only
Price: $22.50
Product ID: MOOG-K9757
Manufacturer: MOOG
MOOG-K9757 Front Camber Adjustment Kit
Allows (neg) 1-3/4 to (pos) 1-3/4 degree camber adjustment.
w/Slotted Strut Bracket Only, 12mm bolts.
Price: $17.98