• MOOG-SB268 Rear Leaf Spring Bushing - 1-1/2 Inch OD X 3/4 Inch ID

Rear Leaf Spring Bushing - 1-1/2 Inch OD X 3/4 Inch ID

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: MOOG-SB268
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  • Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty. Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and / or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase. If a Moog part should fail due to a materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.
FitmentRear Leaf Spring Bushing - 1-1/2 Inch OD X 3/4 Inch ID MOOG-SB268 fits these vehicles:

Rear Leaf Spring Bushings - Dodge D200 Series

1-1/2 Inch OD X 3/4 Inch ID


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Very good quality
5 out of 5
sidney smith jr - . MOOG MOOG-SB268
Fitment for moog-sb268
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
DodgeA1001970-1964Rear Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeA100 Truck1970-1964Rear Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB1001980-1975Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB100 Van1974-1971Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB1501994-1981Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB2001980-1975Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB200 Van1974-1971Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB2501994-1981Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB3001980-1975Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB300 Van1974-1971Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB3501994-1981Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB35001998-1995Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeCB3001980-1974Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeD1001989-1975Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD1001989-1975Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD100 Pickup1974-1959Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD100 Pickup1974-1959Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD100 Series1967-1960Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD100 Series1967-1960Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD1501993-1977Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD1501993-1977Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD2001980-1975Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD2001980-1975Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD200 Pickup1974-1959Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD200 Pickup1974-1959Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD200 Series1967-1960Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD200 Series1967-1960Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD2501993-1981Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD2501993-1981Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD3001980-1975Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD3001980-1975Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD300 Pickup1974-1972Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD300 Pickup1974-1972Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD300 Pickup1971-1968Rear Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeD300 Series1967-1960Rear Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeD3501993-1981Rear Quantity 2
DodgeD3501993-1981Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD4001980Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeD4001980Rear Lower Quantity 2
DodgeM3001974Rear Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeP2001971-1968Front Forward Quantity 2
DodgeP2001971-1968Front Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeP2001971-1968Rear Lower Quantity 2
DodgeRam 3500 Van2001-1999Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeRamcharger1993-1974RearRWD Quantity 2
DodgeRamcharger1993-1974Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW1001989-1975Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW1001989-1975Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW100 Pickup1974-1971Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW100 Pickup1974-1971Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW1501993-1977Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW1501993-1977Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW2001980-1975Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW2001980-1975Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW200 Pickup1974-1971Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW200 Pickup1974-1971Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW2501993-1981Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW2501993-1981Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW3001980-1975Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW3001980-1975Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW300 Pickup1974-1971Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW300 Pickup1974-1971Rear Forward Quantity 2
DodgeW3501993-1981Rear Quantity 2
DodgeW3501993-1981Rear Forward Quantity 2
FargoA100 Van1970-1964Rear Rearward Quantity 2
FargoA108 Van1970Rear Rearward Quantity 2
FargoB200 Van1972-1971Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
FargoB300 Van1972-1971Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
FargoD100 Panel Delivery1967-1966Rear Quantity 2
FargoD100 Pickup1972-1968Rear Forward Quantity 2
FargoD100 Pickup1972-1966Rear Quantity 2
FargoD110 Pickup1966Rear Quantity 2
FargoD200 Panel Delivery1967-1966Rear Quantity 2
FargoD200 Panel Delivery1967-1966Rear Forward Quantity 2
FargoD200 Pickup1972-1966Rear Quantity 2
FargoD200 Pickup1972-1966Rear Forward Quantity 2
FargoP200 Parcel Delivery1971-1968Front Forward Quantity 2
FargoP200 Parcel Delivery1971-1968Front Upper Rearward Quantity 2
FargoP200 Parcel Delivery1971-1968Rear Lower Quantity 2
FargoW100 Pickup1972-1971Rear Quantity 2
FargoW100 Pickup1972-1971Rear Forward Quantity 2
FargoW200 Pickup1972-1971Rear Quantity 2
FargoW200 Pickup1972-1971Rear Forward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB1001980-1975Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB100 Van1974Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB1501983-1981Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB2001980-1975Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB200 Van1974Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB2501983-1981Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB3001980-1975Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB300 Van1974Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB3501983-1981Rear Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthTrailduster1981-1974Rear Quantity 2
PlymouthTrailduster1981-1974Rear Forward Quantity 2