• MOOG-K8695T Front Lower Ball Joint
  • MOOG-K8695T Front Lower Ball Joint

Front Lower Ball Joint

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: MOOG-K8695T


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  • Suggested part for MOOG-K8695T: MOOG-T40003MOOG-T40003 Ball Joint Tool
    T40003 is used to remove K8695T

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FitmentFront Lower Ball Joint MOOG-K8695T fits these vehicles:

Front Lower Ball Joint | Ford Trucks | Moog-K8695T

Fits Left or Right Side

The K8695T features an angled grease fitting that allows it to be serviced easily, allowing you to flush out those contaminants and keep the joint lubricated.

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Moog Problem Solver: K8695T

Tuckered out Truck?

Does your truck pull to one side? Maybe it's starting to lean a little farther while taking a corner? These are two common signs of a failed ball joint. You probably got your Heavy Duty vehicle to do some Heavy Duty work right? Unfortunately, not every part of your truck was designed to handle that for extended periods of time. The OE ball joint installed on your truck was designed using a plastic bearing which, for heavy duty vehicles such as yours, simply can't hold up under the stress. After several heavy loads and long drives the plastic bearing will wear through, not only loosening the ball joint, but also allowing harmful road contaminants inside, damaging and corroding it even further. If contaminants do get into your OE ball joint odds are good that it isn't serviceable, meaning you couldn't get those contaminants out even if you wanted to.

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Load-Bearing Design

To address these issues Moog Problem Solver has designed the K8695T Front Lower Ball Joint. The K8695T features an angled grease fitting that allows it to be serviced easily, allowing you to flush out those contaminants and keep the joint lubricated. Another upgrade is the metal "gusher" bearing that is used instead of a plastic bearing. This all-metal bearing is not only more durable, but its design redirects vehicle loads into the housing, reducing stress on the joint itself. Not only that, but the metal this bearing is made of is actually porous! This allows grease to evenly distribute over the bearing, making the ball joint perform more efficiently.

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Secure Install, No Matter the Situation!

In order to help secure the joint after installation Moog designed a knurled housing, allowing the joint to better grip the control arm. In addition Moog added a snap ring to further increase the joint's stability. Now, there's a chance that the receptacle in the control arm where your ball joint sits has been worn down as well. If this is the case then you should check out Moog's K8695T006, an oversized ball joint designed specifically for that situation. All of Moog's Parts are covered with lifetime warranties handled in house here at DST.


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5 out of 5
Anthony Ziegler III - . MOOG MOOG-K8695T
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Fitment for moog-k8695t
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
FordExpedition2002-1997Front Lower Quantity 2
FordExplorer2005-1995Front Lower Quantity 2
FordExplorer Sport Trac2005-2001Front Lower Quantity 2
FordF-1502003-1997Front Lower Quantity 2
FordF-150 Heritage2004Front Lower Quantity 2
FordF-2501999-1997Front Lower Quantity 2
FordRanger2001-1998Front Lower Quantity 2
LincolnBlackwood2002Front Lower Quantity 2
LincolnNavigator2002-1998Front Lower Quantity 2
MazdaB25002001-1999Front Lower Quantity 2
MazdaB30002001-1998Front Lower Quantity 2
MazdaB40002001-1998Front Lower Quantity 2
MercuryMountaineer2005-1997Front Lower Quantity 2
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