• MOOG-K8194T Front Upper Ball Joint
  • MOOG-K8194T Front Upper Ball Joint

Front Upper Ball Joint

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: MOOG-K8194T
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Price: $40.05

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  • Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty. Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and / or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase. If a Moog part should fail due to a materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.
FitmentFront Upper Ball Joint MOOG-K8194T fits these vehicles:

Chevrolet Blazer Front Upper Ball Joint | Moog-K8194T

Fits Left or Right Side. Does Not Fit 4500# Dana 60 Axle Models.

Not only is Moog's front upper ball joint light on the wallet, but it's "Problem Solver" engineering makes it superior to the OE ball joint in every aspect.

Problem Solver: Moog K8194T

Moog K8194T

Can't get to your grease fitting?

Been experiencing shimmying in your front end? Does your steering wheel have some extra play to it? You know that your ball joint needs to be serviced, but due to the location of the u-joint, that is all but impossible. On the off chance you did get to your grease fitting, you probably damaged it in the process. DST would like to introduce you to the solution to your problem, Moog K8194T

Moog K8194T

OE Flaws

The OE design of the ball joint did not account for the position of the u-joint, making it impossible to service. Since you cannot service the ball joint, the harmful road contaminants penetrate into the polymer sockets, causing early corrosion and wear.

Moog K8194T

Moog Problem Solver

To eliminate the OE grease fitting issue, Moog has relocated the zerk fitting to the side of the housing; turning a part that was once a servicing nightmare, into an easy to service ball joint. When considering the amount of stress a truck's suspension puts on a ball joint, it is no surprise that the plastic bearing in the OE part doesn't hold up either. Moog has designed this ball joint with a hardened, powdered-metal gusher bearing to add strength and durability.

Moog K8194T

Lifetime warranty that's light on the wallet

Not only is Moog's front upper ball joint light on the wallet, but it's "Problem Solver" engineering makes it superior to the OE ball joint in every aspect. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty that can be handled through our customer service team here at DST. So you can buy with confidence that you'll never have to purchase this part again.


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5 out of 5
Neal Dunton - . MOOG MOOG-K8194T
Very good quality
5 out of 5
lawrence o.bald jr - . MOOG MOOG-K8194T
Fitment for moog-k8194t
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
ChevroletBlazer1991-1987Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletBlazer1974-1970Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
ChevroletK101986-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletK10 Pickup1974-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletK10 Suburban1986-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletK201986-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletK20 Pickup1974-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletK20 Suburban1986-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletK5 Blazer1986-1985Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletK5 Blazer1984-1975Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
ChevroletV101987Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletV10 Suburban1988-1987Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletV1500 Suburban1991-1989Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletV201987Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletV20 Suburban1988-1987Front Upper Quantity 2
ChevroletV2500 Suburban1991-1989Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeRamcharger1993-1974Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
DodgeRD2001980-1978Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW1001989-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW100 Pickup1974-1972Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW1501993-1977Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW2001980-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW200 Pickup1974-1972Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW2501993-1981Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW3001980-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW300 Pickup1974-1972Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeW3501993-1981Front Upper Quantity 2
FargoW100 Pickup1972Front Upper Quantity 2
FargoW200 Pickup1972Front Upper Quantity 2
FordBronco1979-1971Front Upper Quantity 2
FordF-1001976-1971Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
FordF-1501979-1976Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
FordF-2501979-1974Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
GMCJimmy1991-1985Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCJimmy1984-1971Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
GMCK151978-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK15 Suburban1978-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK15/K1500 Pickup1974-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK15/K1500 Suburban1974-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK15001986-1979Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK1500 Suburban1986-1979Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK251978-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK25 Suburban1978-1975Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK25/K2500 Pickup1974-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK25/K2500 Suburban1974-1970Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK25001986-1979Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCK2500 Suburban1986-1979Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCV15001987Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCV1500 Suburban1991-1987Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCV25001987Front Upper Quantity 2
GMCV2500 Suburban1991-1987Front Upper Quantity 2
International1001974Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
International11101973-1971Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
International12101973-1972Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
International13101973-1972Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
International1501975Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
International2001975-1974Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
InternationalScout II1980-1971Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
InternationalTravelall1975Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
JeepCherokee1983-1974Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepCJ51983-1972Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepCJ61975-1972Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepCJ71986-1976Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepCommando1973Front Upper Quantity 2 4.2L 6Cyl L (4228)(258)
JeepGrand Wagoneer1991-1984Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepJ101988-1974Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepJ201988-1974Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepJeepster1973-1972Front Upper Quantity 2 3.8L 6Cyl L (-)(232)
JeepJeepster1973-1972Front Upper Quantity 2 4.2L 6Cyl L (-)(258)
JeepJeepster1973-1972Front Upper Quantity 2 5.0L 8Cyl V (-)(304)
JeepJeepster1972Front Upper Quantity 2 4.2L 6Cyl L (4228)(258)
JeepScrambler1985-1981Front Upper Quantity 2
JeepWagoneer1983-1974Front Upper Quantity 2
PlymouthTrailduster1981-1974Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
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