• MOOG-K7460 Front Upper Ball Joint
  • MOOG-K7460 Front Upper Ball Joint

Front Upper Ball Joint

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: MOOG-K7460


Price: $78.72

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FitmentFront Upper Ball Joint MOOG-K7460 fits these vehicles:

Front Upper Ball Joint | Dodge Ram 06-15 | MOOG-K7460

Fits Left or Right Side. Fits Extended Crew Cab Models.

Front Upper Ball Joint for Dodge Ram 2006-2015

Here, in Stephenville Texas, we know how important it is to have everything on your '06-'15 Dodge Ram in working order. You've driven your truck around long enough to know when somethings not right and because of a manufacturing defect in the '06-'15 Dodge Ram, premature ball-joint failure is a pretty common occurrence, and that can really mess up the way your truck handles. The OE upper ball joints on these year models of Ram trucks wear out with impact loads even under normal driving conditions, and if you have any side-to-side play in your ball joint then they need to be replaced. Whether you're hauling a load of cattle to sale or bringing lumber to the work site, you don't want to worry about something going wrong with the steering on your Dodge Ram.

The name "ball joint" can be a little misleading in the case of the K7460. If we were paying attention during our High School biology class, we learned that ball and socket joints allow us to rotate our shoulders or our hips (unless you're Baptist) a theoretical 90-180 degrees. The ball joints on your Dodge Ram actually have to spin to achieve this same effect, but because of the way the '06-'15 Rams were designed, the OE upper and lower ball joints don't always perfectly align. This causes that OE ball joint to deform and wear out sooner than normal. This upper ball joint is designed to telescope, addressing the manufacturing problem that the OE ball joint doesn't take into account.

dodge ram upper ball joint kit

diagram of a dodge ram upper ball joint

Telescoping Ball Joint

Most ball joints should not move up and down at all, but in this case it's downright necessary. When you take a look at the K7460 you might think that the stud is too long or too short or that it's loose and has excessive play, but as you can see in the picture, this is totally normal for this ball joint.

This Telescoping design has been engineered to allow some vertical play to address a specific manufacturing variance in the upper and lower ball joint alignment on several makes and models of Dodge Rams. So, when you buy these brand new ball joints and notice that they're moving up and down, don't fret. That's just the folks at Moog solving problems that we didn't even realize we had.

upper ball joint metal bearing

Hardened Powdered-Metal Bearing

You have a Ram, because whether its work or play, you're putting it through the ringer. You're going to be creating a lot of friction and the powdered-metal bearing on this ball joint lets the grease go where the friction is. The design of this ball joint allows lubricant to flow through the bearing and onto the stud which will extend the life of your part. The porous material lets the grease flush away the junk you picked up in the construction yard (or at the deer lease) from the surface of your stud and bearing keeping your ride smooth.

full ball metal stud

Full-Ball Metal Stud

A hand-made samurai sword goes through an amazing process using fire and clay to harden the edge of the blade while keeping the back side just a little bit flexible. The same principle these ancient craftsmen used is employed today in the full-ball metal stud on this ball joint.

The stud is heat-treated in such a way that the outer shell of the stud is hardened but the inner core maintains just a little bit of give. Before you think "That's just crazy!" imagine the stress that this piece of metal goes through in an accident or rough use. Would you rather have a vital steering part on your truck break or bend a little? I know what a samurai would say.

upper ball joint greasable design

Greaseable Design

Grease is what keeps these parts from wearing themselves out prematurely. So you want to keep that grease where it's supposed to be, but it's also important to be able to flush it out when it's time to get rid of those contaminants that have built in your upper ball joint over time. The polychloroprene boot that comes on this ball joint is guaranteed to keep that lubricant in and it also has a built-in grease-relief valve to allow an easy exit for those contaminants. This combined with the grease zerk fitting on the ball joint makes getting the good grease in and the junk out a simple task.

Fitment for moog-k7460
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
DodgeRam 15002008-2006Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
DodgeRam 25002010-2007Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeRam 25002006-2003Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
DodgeRam 35002010-2007Front Upper Quantity 2
DodgeRam 35002006-2003Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
Ram25002015-2014Front Upper Quantity 2
Ram25002013-2011Front Upper4WD Quantity 2
Ram35002015-2011Front Upper Quantity 2
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