Moog's New Integral Dust Boot Design

The engineers at Moog have designed a new and improved dust boot for their Problem Solver Ball Joints. The new designed ball joint includes a pre-installed integral dust boot, instead of the traditional dust boot (which is a separate piece that installs on the ball joint).

Don't Worry, It's an actual Dust Boot

So don't worry when you open your package and it looks like you were shorted a dust boot. It's their, and it's better than ever. Take a look at how Moog's new dust boot is a much improved design than the traditional set up.

Under the boot

Under the dust boot is a lubricated Full Ball Stud. This hardened steel stud allows for full 360-degree range of movement providing consistent articulation for the ball joint to operate effectively. As you can see from the picture, grease is covering the stud. This keeps the stud and housing lubricated to extend the life of the ball joint. The dust boots chief responsibility is keeping the grease in and contaminants out.

The dust boot is extremely important to your ball joint. If the grease is not contained under the boot, the metal stud will rub against the metal housing until the ball joint fails. Also, vehicle grime and road contaminants are now able to rust out the ball joint stud. Either way, this leads to a failed ball joint. So its vital that the dust boot perform well.

Moog New Dust Boot

Moog New Dust Boot

Why is this design better?

There are many improvements in Moog's Integral Design. For starters, installation is much easier, because now you don't have to install a dust boot. More importantly though, the dust boot is now protected. The old design, as you can see, left the majority of the dust boot exposed to potential damage. If just the slightest of tears happens in a dust boot, the whole ball joint is in danger. With the integral design, the dust boot is seated lower on the stud, protecting the rubber from danger.

The end of gapping

Another improvement over the standard design is the elimination of gapping. Gapping occurs when a ball joint stud articulates away from center. The rubber dust boot stretches to compensate and can leave a gap where grease can squirt out and contaminants can get in. With the new integral design, the rubber creates a seal on the stud preventing gapping. If you rotate the stud you may think at first there is a huge gap. But if you examine closely, the rubber is double folded to create a seal around the stud. And don't think that grease is leaking from your ball joint. Extra grease was added to help the rubber on rubber contact. The grease that goes into your ball joint stays there.

Moog New Dust Boot

Moog New Dust Boot

Truly better than ever

Moog's new dust boot design really is better than ever. Out with the old traditional dust boot, and in with the integral design. If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact our Expert Customer Service Team here at DST. All Moog ball joints are covered by a lifetime warranty that can be handled through that same expert team.