Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that I couldn't have been happier with the results of your motor mounts! I'm pleased to say that they are still in perfect working order a year later! You guys really are the best!
Brian B
Very cool for you guys to do a followup every year. You have me as a loyal customer for life!
Scott D
I am very happy with the level of service and the quality of parts. They part have been installed and the car is handling like a charm.
Mk M.
Thanks for your great delivery time. I rarely let vendors know about their service, but in your case top notch! Keep it up.
David S
Wow, that's impressive! I have never been invited to review any part by the manufacturer right before the warranty expires. That speaks volumes of your confidence in craftsmanship. Who else has this attitude today anywhere in America? I only hear crickets…
Thomas M.
Part came in early. Thank you for you great work. I'll recommend you and your company to everyone I know. Happy New Year!
Martin H
This is the best service I have had with any company I have dealt with. I will be buying may more parts in the future.
Adam P
Thanks for your prompt service. I appreciate your dedication to quality.
Mike S
Thanks guys! Great products, excellent service! I'm very happy with the sway bar kit and I will highly recommend your company to my buddies.
Fred L
Great service! Stumbled on you by accident and wanted my parts before the repair appointment on the 21st. I got them yesterday!
Bryan S
Hey Dean, you guys are top notch. You are my go-to company for suspension needs, Period! You charge fair shipping, inform me all the way concerning shipping protocols, order status AND you refund me when my own computer settings are weirded out.
The parts fit perfectly. They arrived a couple of days after I ordered them and were a breeze to install. These will meet every customer's expectations.
Michael R
I must say a big thanks for getting the bushes out to me so quickly! I recieved them yesterday, that's only 2 days since your email!!! Fantastic service!
Kevin M
So far ordering from you, and reviewing your site has been a wonderful experience!
Maxine P
The new bushings were installed and I have driven the ol' truck around for a few days and I could not be happier. Thanks for the product and help. I have already recommended your products / website to some other ol' truck friends of mine and expect that you shall be hearing from them some time in the future.
David F
Your customer service has been beyond expected! I will definitely be a return customer and will pass the word.
Ed S
Thank you guys so much for being so on top of your online orders! I'm amazed at how fast everything processed and was sent out with great follow up by the customer service team. I'll definitely send people your way for their suspension needs.
Joey R
I love the Suspension I purchased. It greatly improved the overall handling as well as steering of my vehicle. I couldn't be more satisfied w/ the products.
Terrence S
Every part fit the way it should, and was obviously equal to or superior to the original Ford parts. I am very happy with the quick shipment, and I will most certainly order from your company again if the need arises. Thank you!
Martin H
Everything seems to be good as far as the parts good. I installed them about a month ago and haven't had a problem so far. It rides much better than it did with factory bushings. I'm very happy with the product and will order more from you in the future if needed.
Robert F
Your Tech Support was of great Help, when I started to get involved in this project, (as you can Imagine when a non Pro like myself) trying to accomplish something and no one seems to either have the knowledge or the desire to even listen to what I wanted to accomplish, "It is quite frustrating", Again Thank You and your Tech Dept. It all went just as planned!
Dexter L
Hi... I just wanted to say what a great job your company does! I received the parts I ordered a short time ago today. I have been very impressed at the level of customer service you have displayed. The e-mails I received confirmed the order and subsequently gave me the tracking number of the order. Such attention to detail as well as the timely arrival of the parts I ordered is something I don't experience every day. Thank you so much!
Merle H. D
Parts fit in very easily and my suspension is very, very stiff . Shipping was very fast and you guys had great communication. I will do business again.
Anthony J
Very good product, will buy more soon. Regards, another content customer
Juana H
I am very pleased with my order. The shipping was fast and correct. The problems I had with my car were corrected with the parts I ordered. Installing the parts was easy and the bushing kit saved me a lot of money. I am thinking about replacing the front bushings now. I would highly recommend doing business with aftermarket suspension parts.
Peter C
Happy customer here! A+. A+ on your website.
Appreciate the customer service. You will be the go to for all suspension parts for us.
Jim L
I'm impressed with the customer service. I will be a returning customer due to your impressive follow through.
Phillip B
Just wanted to thank y'all for the fast shipping and the amazing service, I was going to buy your product from a third party website and just thought i would look at your website before buying. Much to my happiness y'all were cheaper and I couldn't have asked for faster shipping, again thank you so much from one very happy customer
Zachary O
Yeah there working great,didn't know my old 69' charger could handle as well as it now does. Thanks!!
James C
The installation instructions on the website are very clear and give you all the information you need to complete the job. I was able to get it done in good time and quality of the parts is excellent. I will tell anyone to purchase from Aftermarket Suspension Parts!
Terry T
Couldn't be happier with the handling....Thanks Phil
Phil D
Hey, I finally got the tie rods in and they are exactly what I needed. It's great to deal with a company that delivers what they promise. Thanks, John Magill
John M
Hi. Parts work great,the quality is excellent.My bushings were real bad,but now it feels like a new car.The hard ride is also coupled with the coil-over suspension that I have fitted,but that is my choice and I love it. Here in South Africa the roads aren't the best but the harshness of the bushes isn't bad. The service I received was excellent and I have you and your team to thank for that.Good call on the carrier as well.I ordered on the 04/08/2015 and received the package 07/08/2015. Excellent, excellent, excellent! Thank you very much and you will hear from me again soon. Regards
Chris van R
I drive a beast 150 miles one way for work weekly. Part of that journey is beyond rough. The bushings are very true and they do exactly as it was marketed, they are awesome! Thank you
Darius A
I was incredibly impressed all round, considering I`m in the UK, these arrived only a few days later, the fit was brilliant and they`ve improved the handling. Happy to leave a review to a professional company offering professional products. Wish we had more companies like you in the UK!
I'm truly impressed and I continue to enjoy the products which have served me well. Keep up the good work.
Don F
The parts fit perfectly. They arrived a couple of days after I ordered them and were a breeze to install. These will meet every customer's expectations. Thank You again!
Michael J
I will be searching for more items for my Del Sol from you guys. I'm currently rebuilding my Del Sol as well as having it body worked and painted, and saw these lights and knew they'd be a really nice addition/upgrade for it. I plan on keeping my little Del Sol and I'm happy that people have a following for it, such as yourselves. Keep up the great work! -Jackie
I am very impressed with YOUR customer service!
Don M
You're the best! I know where I will order parts in the future.
Peter S
I love the parts selection y'all have and would like to do business with y'all again.
Kellin L
Hey guys, thanks for the fast service and excellent product. I came into a problem with a 30+ year old Kinco sickle bar mower. The center rubber bushing that connects the pitman arm to sickle bar rubber bushing had completely destroyed itself over the years. Being from the off-road world, I knew your universal poly bushings would be a great replacement. I matched the dimensions from your site and they fit like a glove. Couldn't be happier as these parts are no longer available but the machine is still fully in great shape. Thanks again
Jason G
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the entire experience I've had with Energy Suspension! From product searching, purchasing, support and last but not least the performance of the bushings! It was a bit of a job, to replace the bushings without a press or vice, but well worth it! Old stock bushings made my Mustang sound like an old farm truck over bumps. Energy Suspension bushings give my car a better feel with handling and the best part, I can't hear them!
Scot M