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MOOG Moog-K620158 Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Driver Side

Product ID: Moog-K620158
Manufacturer: MOOG
  • Moog-K620158 Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Driver Side
  • Moog-K620158 Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Driver Side

  • Moog-K620158 Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Driver Side Thumbnail
  • Moog-K620158 Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Driver Side Thumbnail
Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Driver Side
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Includes Bushings

Moog Stamped Arms

Moog Control Arms: CK, K, or RK?

CK, K or RK? We here at Diverse Suspension Technologies get this question a whole lot. If you are putting parts on your vehicle, you want to know exactly what you are installing. It can be hard to do that with all of these letter designations. So here is all that you need to know to clear up the confusion.
Moog Stamped Arms

CK (K): Moog Problem Solver

Starting with the CK and K. Whether you see a "K" designation or a "CK" designation, you are getting the same part. The CK and K are Moogs Premium line of control arms. Utilizing their "problem solver" technology, these control arms address common factory design issues providing a better than original replacement for your vehicle. The CK and K control arms include ball joints that are powder coated metal with gusher bearings giving them a long life. These ball joints are serviceable and have grease fittings. The CK and K arms also have problem solver bushings and a precise fit and form for easy installation.
Moog Forged Arms

RK: Moog R Series

The RK series is a more value driven part. Because there are so many different vehicles both foreign and domestic, Moog has introduced the R-Series arms to provide replacements for a wide range of vehicles. The RK arms have OE fit and form geometry alignment, with pre-installed OE style bushings and ball joints. However these ball joints are not serviceable like the CK arms. All of the R Series arms have Moog validated construction and design, providing a less expensive alternative.
Moog Stamped Arms

Type and Warranty

Each line of control arms has Forged Steel, Stamped Steel, or Forged Aluminium arms to provide the best style for your specific vehicle. The Premium CK line has a limited lifetime warranty, and the RK has a 3 year warranty that are both handled through our awesome customer service team at DST. Whether you are looking for a "light on the wallet" OE replacement, or a "premium" control arm upgrade, Moog control arms are a great choice for your vehicle.

MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
BuickCommercial Chassis1996-1991Front Left Upper Quantity 1
BuickElectra1987-1985Front Left UpperRWD Quantity 1
BuickElectra1984-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
BuickEstate Wagon1983-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
BuickLeSabre1990-1986Front Left UpperRWD Quantity 1
BuickLeSabre1985-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
BuickRoadmaster1996-1991Front Left Upper Quantity 1
CadillacBrougham1992-1987Front Left Upper Quantity 1
CadillacCommercial Chassis1996-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
CadillacCommercial Chassis1993-1992Front Left UpperRWD Quantity 1
CadillacDeVille1984-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
CadillacFleetwood1996-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
CadillacFleetwood1986-1985Front Left UpperRWD Quantity 1
ChevroletBel Air1981Front Left Upper Quantity 1
ChevroletCaprice1996-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
ChevroletCommercial Chassis1994-1991Front Left Upper Quantity 1
ChevroletImpala1996-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
Oldsmobile981984-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
OldsmobileCustom Cruiser1992-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
OldsmobileDelta 881985Front Left UpperRWD Quantity 1
OldsmobileDelta 881984-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
PontiacBonneville1981-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
PontiacCatalina1981-1980Front Left Upper Quantity 1
PontiacParisienne1986-1983Front Left Upper Quantity 1
PontiacSafari1989-1987Front Left Upper Quantity 1