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MOOG MOOG-ES3088S Front Tie Rod Adjusting Bolt

Product ID: MOOG-ES3088S
Manufacturer: MOOG
  • MOOG-ES3088S Front Tie Rod Adjusting Bolt
Front Tie Rod Adjusting Bolt
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Fits Left or Right Side. Problem solver fluted design avoids corrosion.

ES3088S was designed to channel out corrosive build up, easing installation and increasing the lifespan of the part.

ES3088S Image One

Moog Problem Solver: ES3088S

The Problem: I can't adjust the tie rod stud in my GM car

Excessive corrosion is likely in a 2 year old or older GM car. If the tie rod adjusting studs are corroded, it may prevent (or hinder) you from being able to set toe and straight steering during wheel alignment. This leaves you frustrated because what you thought would be just an alignment turns into needing to change adjusting studs. DST has the relief you need: Moog Problem Solver ES3088S.

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The Solution: Moog's Problem Solver: ES3088S

Moog's line of problem solver parts target factory defects or poor original design, replacing them with a better more durable part. Moog Problem Solver ES3088S will allow you to get your GM vehicle back in alignment without breaking the bank or causing any more headaches.

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Clean Tie Rod Threads While Being Installed

Designed into Moog Part Number ES3088S are threads to clean the tie rod ends as they are being installed. Moog has engineered adjusting studs that channel out corrosive build up due to the flutes at both ends. Yellow zinc dichromate coating resists corrosion so that you may have a peace of mind about the Moog Problem Solver you bought from DST!

Installation Tips:

  • Inspect tie rods thoroughly and replace if necessary
  • Complete cleaning of tie rod cavity may be required if corrosion build up is severe
  • Use thread lubricant to ease installation
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
BuickSkyhawk1989-1982Front Quantity 2
BuickSkylark1998-1986Front Quantity 2
BuickSomerset1987-1986Front Quantity 2
BuickSomerset Regal1985Front Quantity 2
CadillacCimarron1988-1982Front Quantity 2
ChevroletBeretta1996-1987Front Quantity 2
ChevroletCavalier1994-1982Front Quantity 2
ChevroletCorsica1996-1987Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileAchieva1998-1992Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileCalais1987-1985Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileCutlass Calais1991-1988Front Quantity 2
OldsmobileFirenza1988-1982Front Quantity 2
PontiacGrand Am1998-1985Front Quantity 2
PontiacJ20001983-1982Front Quantity 2
PontiacJ2000 Sunbird1985-1984Front Quantity 2
PontiacSunbird1994-1986Front Quantity 2
PontiacTempest1991-1987Front Quantity 2

Part Dimensions

Length Diameter Internal Thread Side A Internal Thread Side B
3.25 0.75 M18-1.5E M18-1.5E