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MOOG Front Coil Springs - Pair

Front Coil Springs - Pair
Manufacturer: MOOG
Price: $94.45

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    Moog Constant Rate OE replacement coil springs restore handling and ensure that ride height and body sway are returned to original specifications.
  • Moog Variable Rate Springs are an ideal original equipment replacement or upgrade for vehicles that carry heavy loads. These variable rate springs change resistance as they compress and become progressively stiffer as the load increases.
  • MOOG Cargo Coil Springs provide additional support and stability. Their increased load capacity is ideal for use in: commercial vehicles, towing packages, construction and mining vehicles, snow plows, camper packages, utility boxes, and ambulance conversions.
Moog Coil Springs

Coil Spring Dimensions

End 1 Type End 2 Type Inside Diameter
Bar Diameter
Install Height
Spring Rate
(Lbs per In.)
Free Height
Tangential Tangential 3.680 0.640 10.75 1800 337 16.06