• MOOG-626 CV Flange Yoke

CV Flange Yoke

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: MOOG-626


Price: $110.09

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  • Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty. Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and / or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase. If a Moog part should fail due to a materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.
Oldsmobile & Pontiac 73-81
Cadillac 73-96
Lincoln 78-79
Dodge 4x4s 75-93
GM 4x4s 73-92 (S44/1344 Series)

Moog's u-joints are precision-ground to the strictest of tolerances, with quality-control inspection at every step in manufacturing.

Moog universal joints

Moog Universal Joints

The ultimate drivetrain addition

DST would like to introduce you to the ultimate drivetrain addition. Machined to meet or exceed original equipment standards, Moog premium universal joints are another addition to Moog's total undercar solutions. Moog's u-joints are precision-ground to the strictest of tolerances, with quality-control inspection at every step in manufacturing.

Moog universal joints

Problem solver technology

Moog's u-joints feature bearing cups that are cold-formed and case-hardened, providing for better strength and less wear than O.E. The superior quality seals are charged with keeping harmful road contaminants out and keeping the proper lubrication on the u-joint.

Moog universal joints

Long lasting life

These driveline components are equipped with high strength steel crosses to exceed OE specifications, and are carburized heat-treated to ensure long life. Moog includes a zerk grease fitting in the cross body for easy maintenance. The bearing cups feature a 360 degree radial design to allow even lubricant distribution to the bearing surface. Also featured are needle bearings, providing maximum load-carrying capabilities.

Moog universal joints

Lifetime warranty

Moog backs their u-joints with a lifetime warranty, which can be handled directly through our DST customer service team. If you have any other questions be sure to give us a call.

Fitment for moog-626
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
BuickCenturion1973 Quantity 1
BuickRiviera1976-1973 Quantity 1
CadillacBrougham1992 Quantity 1 5.0L 8Cyl V (-)(305)
CadillacBrougham1991 Quantity 1
CadillacCalais1976-1973 Quantity 1
CadillacCommercial Chassis1996-1992 Quantity 1
CadillacDeVille1981-1973 Quantity 1
CadillacFleetwood1996-1973 Quantity 1
CadillacSeville1979-1976 Quantity 1
ChevroletBel Air1975-1973 Quantity 1
ChevroletBlazer1991-19874WD Quantity 1
ChevroletCaprice1976-1974 Quantity 1
ChevroletImpala1976-1974 Quantity 1
ChevroletK101986-1978 Quantity 1
ChevroletK10 Suburban1986-1978 Quantity 1
ChevroletK10 Suburban1981 Quantity 1 5.7L 8Cyl V (-)(350)
ChevroletK201986-1977 Quantity 1
ChevroletK20 Suburban1986-1977 Quantity 1
ChevroletK301986-1980 Quantity 1
ChevroletK35001991-1988 Quantity 1
ChevroletK5 Blazer1986-1978 Quantity 1
ChevroletV101987 Quantity 1
ChevroletV10 Suburban1988-1987 Quantity 1
ChevroletV1500 Suburban1991-1989 Quantity 1
ChevroletV201987 Quantity 1
ChevroletV20 Suburban1988-1987 Quantity 1
ChevroletV2500 Suburban1991-1989 Quantity 1
ChevroletV301988-1987 Quantity 1
ChevroletV35001991-1989 Quantity 1
DodgeRamcharger1993-19754WD Quantity 1
DodgeW1001989-1975 Quantity 1
DodgeW1501993-1977 Quantity 1
DodgeW2001980-1975 Quantity 1
DodgeW2501993-1981 Quantity 1
DodgeW3001980-1975 Quantity 1
DodgeW3501993-1981 Quantity 1
GMCJimmy1991-19784WD Quantity 1
GMCK151978 Quantity 1
GMCK15 Suburban1978 Quantity 1
GMCK15001986-1979 Quantity 1
GMCK1500 Suburban1986-1979 Quantity 1
GMCK251978-1977 Quantity 1
GMCK25 Suburban1978-1977 Quantity 1
GMCK25001986-1979 Quantity 1
GMCK2500 Suburban1986-1979 Quantity 1
GMCK35001991-1980 Quantity 1
GMCV15001987 Quantity 1
GMCV1500 Suburban1991-1987 Quantity 1
GMCV25001987 Quantity 1
GMCV2500 Suburban1991-1987 Quantity 1
GMCV35001991-1987 Quantity 1
LincolnContinental1979-1978 Quantity 1
Oldsmobile981981-1973 Quantity 1
OldsmobileBravada1997-1996 Quantity 1
OldsmobileDelta 881979-1973 Quantity 1
PlymouthTrailduster1981-19744WD Quantity 1
PontiacBonneville1981-1973 Quantity 1
PontiacCatalina1981-1973 Quantity 1
PontiacGrandville1975-1973 Quantity 1
PontiacParisienne1981-1976 Quantity 1